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Why “gluten-free” is NOT enough


Why “gluten-free” is NOT enough

Health trends come and go… but “gluten-free” is NOT one of them.

The cold, hard facts tell us that gluten is a growing problem.

The rates of autoimmunity has been skyrocketing for decades. Autoimmune digestive diseases like colitis and Crohn’s are following up the same trend. Multiple food allergies are already the norm, but will become even more mainstream.

Most of all, every single functional medicine doctor says their patients do better when avoiding gluten and other allergens. The proof is overwhelming.

Why is that happening? Why are we becoming so allergic to gluten?

It might be the glyphosate that’s sprayed on it. It might be a gut bacteria problem, caused by a thousands factors. It might be our exposure to harmful EMFs which help trigger leaky gut. And it might be the fact that modern wheat is way more allergenic than the wheat our ancestors used to consume.

The truth is… it’s probably caused by ALL of these factors, combined.

The other truth is… unless you’re 100% happy with your current health… you NEED to remove gluten from your diet.

There’s just one little problem:

Even if you strictly avoid gluten, it’s nearly impossible to remove gluten from your diet!

Why? Because we live in a world of gluten contamination.

It’s in the kitchen at restaurants, hidden in innocent-looking food ingredients, it’s pretty much unavoidable.

Because it exposes the truth about our gluten exposure — and exactly what you can do about it.

Yes, avoiding gluten is good.

But unless you’re living in the forest, chances are high that you’re getting regular gluten exposure anyway.

And that could be making a negative impact on your health right now.

You really want to incorporate this into your diet and travel program.