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Interview with Michael Manning.

The Creator of ED Elixir Michael Manning has been on the front lines of the battle with erectile dysfunction.

He’s fought some other age-related issues too; by the time he was in his mid-forties, his belly had grown, his hairline was receding, and he was feeling tired even after a good nights’ sleep.

Like so many guys, he blamed his issues on his diet and work-related stress – that is until he found the ultimate solution for erectile dysfunction and decided that he had to share his good fortune.

Mike’s book ED Elixir reveals an entirely natural solution to erectile dysfunction that so far, has helped more than 16,000 readers recover their manhood.

Like so many men, he encountered serious trouble while searching for an answer to his trouble – and hoping to save his marriage.

“I went to my doctor and asked him about testosterone injections, but he rejected that idea. He said once you get on the fake stuff, your body’s natural testosterone production shuts down and your risk of prostate cancer rises.

He gave me a prescription for the “little blue pills.” They were expensive! Anyway, I was desperate. I popped a pill after my wife Angie and I put the kids to sleep. I was thrilled to feel something stirring down there but suddenly I felt flushed and sweaty, and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. I barely managed to stumble into the bathroom.”

Mike’s experience with those little blue pills left him searching desperately for a solution. He booked a trip to Egypt in an attempt to revitalize his marriage, and he brought a penile injection kit that he’d purchased online along with him.

While he and Angie were eating dinner at a fancy restaurant, he decided to inject himself in anticipation of a romantic evening ahead. Instead… “Ten minutes later, back at our table, as Angie ordered dessert and I gulped another glass of wine, I felt a painful cramping in my crotch. Jolts of searing pain shot down my legs and I could feel my junk swelling up like a balloon hooked up to a pump. It felt like it was going to burst!” Mike tried to make it to a hospital on his own but passed out on the street on the way there. Emergency surgery saved his life and his penis, and as he recovered, he met Dr. Mustafa, who explained that erectile dysfunction means plaque-clogged arteries and a massively increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The rest was history.

Although he was skeptical, Mike tried Dr. Mustafa’s remedy and over the course of the next few weeks and some trial and error, he began to recover his health overall, and he was able to make love to Angie in the first time for years but he wasn’t quite back to 100 percent.

After some phone calls back and forth with Dr. Mustafa and a bit of tweaking the formula, he made a full recovery and he decided that he had to share his “secret” with the word. “Over 30 million men worldwide suffer from ED, including guys in their 30s.

That’s one in five men! I designed ED Elixir to help men regain their health and balance their bodies while identifying factors that contribute to their ED (there are several different causes) and to help them regain their masculine pride. This guide helps men realize that they are the captains of their own bodies,” Mike said.

The ED Elixir program includes supplements, nutritional components, and perhaps most importantly, psychological components that come together to fix erectile dysfunction naturally after getting to the root cause of the issue. To date, 16,000 men and counting have succeeded in regaining their masculinity by following the ED Elixir program and taking advantage of the bonus materials that come with it!

The creators of the top-selling “E.D. Elixir” have now released a hugely popular mens supplement called Primal Power.”

This supplement converts like crazy to men age 40+ who want to “turn back the clock” and enjoy the stamina, virility and sexual function they had in their younger years.