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Fertility Factor 5 Fertility Booster

Have you been trying to start a family with no luck? Have you been diagnosed with low sperm count or poor sperm development? Don’t worry, all hope is not lost. The ingredients in Fertility Factor 5 have been clinically proven to:

  • Improve Sperm Motility, or Movement
  • Improve Sperm Count
  • Improve Sperm Morphology, or Shape
  • Increase Semen Volume
  • Enhance Libido

Male infertility can wreak havoc on a relationship, and kill a man’s self-confidence. The makers of VigRX know the kinds of stress male infertility can put on a relationship, and that’s why they developed Fertility Factor 5.

Fertility Factor 5 is formulated with a patented ingredient that was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and proven to improve sperm count, movement, and shape. If you’re suffering from male infertility, Fertility Factor 5 can help.

How Can FertilityFactor 5 Help?

Our team has spent thousands of man-hours scouring hundreds of clinical studies to find the best ingredients to combat male infertility. We finally narrowed our search down to five key ingredients. Each one is clinically proven to work independently and synergistically to end male infertility once and for all.

Even if you’ve been trying to start a family for years with no luck, we’re certain our Fertility Factor 5 formula can help. There are hundreds of clinical studies that can back up these claims.

Fertility Factor 5 SideEffects and Safety

Fertility Factor 5 is formulated with all-natural ingredients and is considered safe for use, even for the long term. Also, none of the consumers who took Fertility Factor 5 have reported any adverse side effects.

Will Fertility Factor 5Work for Me?

If you’ve been diagnosed with male infertility, or are having problems conceiving due to low sperm count or poor sperm mobility, we’re confident that our clinically proven Fertility Factor 5 formula can help you to get your family started.


Fertility Factor 5 is formulated with 5 all-natural ingredients that are clinically proven to work individually and synergistically to improve male fertility. Each ingredient chosen for the formulation must:

  • Be clinically proven to improve male fertility.
  • Have been extensively researched by medical professionals.
  • Be safe for long-term use with no adverse side effects.

The ingredients inFertility Factor 5 are:

Tongkat Ali LJ100


LJ100 is a patented extract from the root of the eurycoma longifolia plant and was formulated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). LJ100 has been clinically proven to improve sperm count, movement, and shape, increase semen volume, enhance sexual function, and improve libido.

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng, sometimes referred to as the “king of all herbs,” has been used for centuries to improve men’s sex lives. This herb is grown in Asia and has been repeatedly studied. It has been found to improve libido, sperm development and overall sexual health.



Zinc is essential for healthy sperm development and mobility. Numerous clinical studies have shown that a zinc deficiency is responsible for poor sperm health and male infertility. No male infertility supplement would be complete without this essential element.


Studies have shown that up to 40% of men with fertility issues also have low levels of selenium. That’s why supplementing with selenium is so important when combating male infertility.



Numerous clinical studies have shown that BioPerine improves the bioavailability of nutrients. Male fertility supplements containing BioPerine have an amplified effect of their other active ingredients, most notably with selenium.

Clinical Studies

When we formulated Fertility Factor 5™, we didn’t just choose ingredients that are rumored to help with male infertility. We scoured thousands of publications and chose only ingredients that are clinically proven to improve male fertility. These ingredients have been clinically studied and proven to improve:

  • Sperm Movement
  • Sperm Count
  • Sperm Shape
  • Sperm Development
  • Semen Volume

But we didn’t just settle for one or two clinical studies for each ingredient. To qualify for inclusion in Fertility Factor 5, each ingredient had to be clinically proven repeatedly in order to make the cut.

Let’s take a look at some of these studies.

Tongkat Ali LJ100Clinical Study

In a clinical study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, 75 men were chosen to participate who were suffering from:

  • Poor Sperm Movement
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Poor Sperm Shape
  • Low Semen Volume

Each of these men was told by their urologists that natural conception was not possible.

Before the study, each man received a semen analysis. Then each participant was given 200mg of Tongkat Ali LJ100 once daily for nine months, the same daily dosage in Fertility Factor 5. After nine months, here are the results:

  • Sperm concentration rose by 65.5%.
  • All four semen parameters improved in 100% of participants.
  • Normal sperm morphology increased by 95%.
  • 60% of the participants qualified for intrauterine conception.
  • 25% of the participants qualified for in-vitro-fertilization.

Best yet, 15% of the participants impregnated their partners during the nine-month study. Some of whom have been trying for over five years without luck.

Panax GinsengClinical Study

In 2013, a review of over 80 studies on Panax Ginseng was published by Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine. This review determined that Panax Ginseng showed promising results in the following areas:

  • Improving Sexual Performance
  • Producing and Maintaining Erections
  • Boosting Libido
  • Increasing Sperm Count
  • Stimulating Sperm Movement

Panax Ginseng is able to improve reproductive health, as well as overall sexual health.

ZincClinical Study

In 2018, Diana Chu, a male fertility expert at San Francisco State University, published an article in the Journal of Biology. While researching this article, she studied numerous clinical studies on the effect of zinc supplementation on improving male fertility.

Her research showed that zinc is vital for fertility in men, as well as for sperm motility, which is the ability to move independently. Specifically, zinc signals the sperm to become motile so that it can reach and fertilize a woman’s eggs.

SeleniumClinical Study

In 2018, a study was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Experimental Techniques in Urology & Nephrology. The focus of the study was to determine if selenium supplementation could improve semen parameters in infertile men.

They chose 12 infertile men, giving each a complete sperm analysis before beginning the study. Each man was then given 50mcg of selenium daily for the next three months. This amount of selenium is 20mcg less than the daily value in Fertility Factor 5.

After three months, they conducted another sperm analysis, and the results were quite impressive. They found that selenium was able to increase:

  • Sperm Count
  • Sperm Motility
  • Sperm Viability
  • Sperm Morphology
  • Semen Volume

It is important to note that these results were after only three months. Improved results are possible with continued supplementation.

BioPerineClinical Study

While BioPerine doesn’t directly improve male fertility, it plays an important role in the Fertility Factor 5 formulation. Clinical studies have shown that BioPerine increases the bioavailability of selenium.

In one double-blind study, one group was given selenium and BioPerine together. The control group was only given selenium. After two weeks, researchers found that the group that was given both selenium and BioPerine showed 30% higher levels of selenium in the body, as opposed to the control group.

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Factor de Fertilidad 5 Potenciador de Fertilidad

¿Has estado tratando de formar una familia sin suerte? ¿Le han diagnosticado bajo conteo de espermatozoides o desarrollo deficiente de espermatozoides? No te preocupes, toda esperanza no está perdida. Se ha demostrado clínicamente que los ingredientes de Fertility Factor 5:

Mejorar la motilidad o el movimiento de los espermatozoides
Mejorar el conteo de espermatozoides
Mejorar la morfología o forma de los espermatozoides
Aumentar el volumen de esperma
Mejorar la libido

La infertilidad masculina puede causar estragos en una relación y matar la confianza en sí mismo de un hombre. Los creadores de VigRX conocen los tipos de estrés que la infertilidad masculina puede generar en una relación, y es por eso que desarrollaron Fertility Factor 5.

Fertility Factor 5 está formulado con un ingrediente patentado que fue desarrollado por el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT), y se ha demostrado que mejora el conteo, el movimiento y la forma de los espermatozoides. Si sufre de infertilidad masculina, Fertility Factor 5 puede ayudarlo.

¿Cómo puede ayudar FertilityFactor 5?

Nuestro equipo ha pasado miles de horas-hombre examinando cientos de estudios clínicos para encontrar los mejores ingredientes para combatir la infertilidad masculina. Finalmente redujimos nuestra búsqueda a cinco ingredientes clave. Cada uno está clínicamente probado para trabajar de forma independiente y sinérgica para acabar con la infertilidad masculina de una vez por todas.

Incluso si ha estado tratando de formar una familia durante años sin suerte, estamos seguros de que nuestra fórmula Fertility Factor 5 puede ayudar. Hay cientos de estudios clínicos que pueden respaldar estas afirmaciones.

Fertility Factor 5 Efectos secundarios y seguridad

Fertility Factor 5 está formulado con ingredientes totalmente naturales y se considera seguro para su uso, incluso a largo plazo. Además, ninguno de los consumidores que tomaron Fertility Factor 5 ha informado efectos secundarios adversos.

¿Funcionará Fertility Factor 5 para mí?

Si le han diagnosticado infertilidad masculina o tiene problemas para concebir debido a un recuento bajo de espermatozoides o a una movilidad deficiente de los espermatozoides, estamos seguros de que nuestra fórmula de Fertility Factor 5 clínicamente probada puede ayudarlo a comenzar su familia.


Fertility Factor 5 está formulado con 5 ingredientes totalmente naturales que están clínicamente probados para funcionar de forma individual y sinérgica para mejorar la fertilidad masculina. Cada ingrediente elegido para la formulación debe:

Estar clínicamente probado para mejorar la fertilidad masculina.
Han sido ampliamente investigados por profesionales médicos.
Sea seguro para el uso a largo plazo sin efectos secundarios adversos.