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The Digestive Wheel of Death


The digestive wheel of death.

Ever noticed how old people become more and more like children as they age?

And yet, unlike children… who have boundless energy and the ability to digest anything…
… age really does a number on our digestion.

It becomes a LOT more painful to eat “cheat meals”… to indulge your favorite “forbidden foods”…
And when you do, you pay a STEEP price.

Burping. Gas. Bloating. Acid bubbling up. That burning sensation around your heart.

You swear you’ll never eat those foods again — until the next time temptation gets the best of you.

Over and over, this keeps getting worse as you get older.

And I’m embarrassed to admit this… But no matter how hard I worked to optimize my own digestion… no matter how much enzymes and probiotics I ingested before my bigger meals…
There was something missing for me.

I’d get that unpleasant, sometimes burning to feel in my chest as food just seemed to “sit there”.

And that was my experience until a very wise nutritionist who specializes in digestion pinpointed my problem — which I reveal on this page:
Eliminate gas and double your digestive power.

As you’ll see — even though it FELT like I had way too much acid in my stomach… and that’s what most doctors would tell me…
… the shocking truth was that I had FAR TOO LITTLE ACID.

The “catch” was that I needed a very specific form of acid, which the body expends a TON of energy to produce on its own.
By adding this simple acid into my diet, I was finally able to avoid that awful burning sensation… and properly burn up my food rapidly, just as children do.

It felt like I’d come full circle.

I could eat like a child again — I didn’t have to be paranoid about food combining, perfect ingredients and the dozens of other rules we feel obligated to follow when our digestion becomes weak and overly sensitive.

Oh… and another beauty of this miraculous little acid…

It makes enzymes and probiotics work FAR better.

Combined, they are like the “holy trinity” of strong digestion…

And they ensure you never suffer gas, bloating, heartburn, sluggish elimination, slow metabolism, and countless other issues tied to how well you digest and assimilate nutrients from food.

Go here to see what I mean: Eliminate gas and double your digestive power.

This is THE missing link for so many I know…

I’m confident you’ll find it as life-changing as I have.