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What Supplement Should I Take?

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What Supplement Should I Take?

The creators of the top-selling offer “E.D. Elixir” have now released a hugely popular mens supplement called Primal Power.”

This supplement converts like crazy to men age 40+ who want to “turn back the clock” and enjoy the stamina, virility and sexual function they had in their younger years.

What is ED Elixir? Men’s Health ED Elixir is a natural solution that aims at addressing the root causes of erectile dysfunction.

It is not a prescription, and don’t worry, it’s nothing weird like a penis pump. Instead, it’s an all-natural product, without any scary side effects like the ones listed on popular erectile dysfunction prescriptions like Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra.

To understand how ED Elixir works, you first have to understand what causes erectile dysfunction.

The standard medical explanation is that something is causing poor circulation and preventing the blood vessels surrounding your penis (the ones that fill up to give you an erection) from working properly.

Pharmaceutical companies address the issue by forcing increased circulation “down there.” This might leave you with an artificially pumped up boner, but it also puts you at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other nasty side effects.

Taking prescriptions for ED could put you among the ranks of the nearly 1,000 men who die from heart attacks related to these drugs annually.

That’s not all: Even if you’re willing to risk your life to enjoy sex again (I get it!) every time you take those little pills, you make it even more difficult for your body to achieve a natural erection.

As compromised circulation is at the heart of most erectile dysfunction cases, the creator of ED Elixir discovered a synergistic compound designed to return your circulatory system to better health and in turn, restore your sex life.

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