Mediterranean Reds



Mediterranean Reds

Your daily antioxidant superfood boost.
Supports overall wellbeing and circulation. Benefits: brain, heart and joints. Naturally balances oxidation.

The Mediterranean Diet, in one 100% pure plant mix.

Polyphenols from red apple peel. Punicalagins from pomegranate. Anthocyanins from wild blueberries. Bioavailable full spectrum turmeric extract. Resveratrol—without the alcohol!

Mediterranean Reds contains a wealth of plant-pure health benefits from 100s of phytochemicals, real Indian turmeric, select citrus fruits, olive extracts, and much more.


Start your morning right with a Mediterranean superfood boost.

Measure one healthy scoop and stir into 8-10 ounces of water or add one healthy scoop to milk of choice for a delicious strawberry milk shake!

Drink up!


Pure plants. And intentions.

Our mission is to make health whole. Sip well knowing our nourishing supplements are as botanically pure and culturally authentic as they come. With ingredients grown from the ground, our mixes are never contaminated with fillers, diluents, allergens or lab-grown alternatives. Just proven, harvested nutrition to power your day.

Customer Reviews

Great Product for Energy and Brain Boost

I originally bought the product for the wide profile of polyphenols, but quickly, I noticed a powerful increase in energy, and it also gives me brain clarity, I would definitely buy again!

High quality! Taste good,

The quality and variety of the ingredients are unparalleled, and the flavor is good I drink it first thing in the morning and it helps to control my cravings and appetite for the rest of the day the bottle came with a plastic seal around the lid, and under the lid was another seal that said “sealed for your protection” excellent product!


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Rojos mediterráneos

Su refuerzo diario de superalimento antioxidante.
Apoya el bienestar general y la circulación. Beneficios: cerebro, corazón y articulaciones. Equilibra naturalmente la oxidación.

La Dieta Mediterránea, en una mezcla de plantas 100% puras.

Polifenoles de la cáscara de manzana roja. Punicalaginas de granada. Antocianinas de arándanos silvestres. Extracto de cúrcuma de espectro completo biodisponible. Resveratrol, ¡sin alcohol!

Mediterranean Reds contiene una gran cantidad de beneficios para la salud puros de plantas de cientos de fitoquímicos, cúrcuma india real, frutas cítricas seleccionadas, extractos de oliva y mucho más.

Comience bien la mañana con un refuerzo de superalimento mediterráneo.

¡Mida una cucharada saludable y revuelva en 8-10 onzas de agua o agregue una cucharada saludable a la leche de su elección para obtener un delicioso batido de fresa!

¡Beberse todo!


plantas puras. e intenciones.

Nuestra misión es hacer que la salud sea integral. Beba bien sabiendo que nuestros suplementos nutritivos son botánicamente puros y culturalmente auténticos. Con ingredientes cultivados desde el suelo, nuestras mezclas nunca se contaminan con rellenos, diluyentes, alérgenos o alternativas cultivadas en laboratorio. Solo nutrición comprobada y cosechada para potenciar su día.