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How to Fix Broken, Bloated Digestion


How to Fix Broken, Bloated Digestion

My friend Wade T. Lightheart has helped tens of thousands of people relieve their health challenges for the last 20 years.

Yet I was shocked when I found out he used to struggle with digestive issues.

You see, Wade was a natural bodybuilding champion… yet, after one of his victories everything went to hell.

Even though he LOOKED super healthy, his bodybuilding diet messed up his digestion so much, he gained over 42 pounds of fat and water (and gas) in 11 weeks after the competition.

He would find himself sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes with pain and cramps in his stomach. He found myself in terrible moods all the time.

The most frustrating part was that he was eating healthy foods, yet it didn’t help.

At this point, ANYTHING he ate would trigger gas, puffy stomach, and massive bloating.

He went from totally ripped, to looking like the marshmallow man — in a matter of weeks.

And it was only getting worse… that is…

Until he discovered a digestive solution that helped him finally defeat gas and bloating, when nothing else worked.

You see, what fixed my problem wasn’t a better diet.
Instead, it was introducing a substance that my body was MISSING — which solved the
digestive problem I had at the root cause.

The best part is, ingesting this NATURAL substance only takes 10 seconds before
every meal — and you don’t need to change what you eat.

Yep, that’s right… you DON’T have to give up your favorite foods, just to finally be free
of bloating and gas.

Not only that… it’s also heavily backed by research, and uses one of the most studied
forms of this “nutrient” on the planet.

It’s also a “transient” strain that is especially good for those with digestion that needs fixing.

Then, as you’ll see on this page — there’s another nutrient that will supercharge your digestive ability.

When taken on an empty stomach, instead of digestion — this nutrient will supercharge
your body’s healing ability.
But as I’ve experienced myself, the real magic happens when you take both nutrients at
the same time.

Go here to learn more and immediately get on the path to taking both of these incredible, digestion-saving nutrients at the same time.

It’s the best thing you could ever do for your gut health.
(And your gut size :P)

It begins to decline as you age, which is why younger people digest food more rapidly and metabolize fat faster.

Thankfully, you can fix your levels right here.