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Hormonal Balance (HB-5)


Weight Loss Clinic Recommendation

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Weight Loss Clinic

According to Harvard, there are 5 hormones that can literally block your ability to lose weight. 

These hormones usually stay balanced in our 20’s.

But once you’re over 35…

They become harder and harder for our bodies to regulate.

This is a big reason why so many men and women are unable to use diets like paleo or keto to lose weight.

If even 1 of these 5 hormones is out of balance, they’ll literally block our body from metabolizing fat cells…

And instead holds on to the ugly fat around your hips, thighs, and belly.

Now normally you can balance out these hormones with specific changes to your diet (think eating kelp, ginger, mango, and cinnamon).

But a Florida doctor has uncovered a “switch” that turns on your body’s natural ability to regulate these hormones.

That can be activated with a 30-second before breakfast ritual you do in the morning before you eat.

This ritual has helped hundreds of women to shed pounds of stubborn body fat.