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Eat anything you want


By Wade T. Lightheart
Director of Education, BiOptimizers
Advisor For The American Anti-Cancer Institute
3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion

If I told you there was a way to eat anything you want and not suffer the consequences — would you be interested?

I hope so — because in this article, I’m going to give you not one … but THREE WAYS to get away with eating just virtually any food under the sun… and NOT getting indigestion.

Doesn’t matter what the food is… could be lasagna, tacos, deep fried chinese food, apple pie with ice cream and caramel…

My goal here is to help you avoid any negative consequences, which are usually two issues:

1. Indigestion — feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, gassy or heartburn … and…

2. Weight gain (this one is self-explanatory)

Now, as you’ve learned in previous emails — these two issues are closely related.

Meaning, when you have indigestion you also often have weight gain — because the food turns to waste, becomes toxic, attracts bad bacteria to break it down, disrupts your hormones and many other issues.

That’s important to understand — you might want to print this and put it on your fridge:

Most of the weight gain you might experience from eating your favorite foods freely actually stems from the indigestion.

When you fix the indigestion, you fix most (or all) of the potential weight gain and most health issues.

So how can you ensure you can eat anything — even the richest, heaviest foods — and not suffer indigestion?

Here are the three secrets:

Secret #1: Build up your “digestive fire.” In ancient health systems like Ayurveda, they believe our bodies have a certain amount of digestive fire that gets partly used whenever we consume a meal. Obviously, heavier meals require more digestive energy or “fire”… lighter meals require less.>

Thus, on days where you know you’ll be eating something heavy that you enjoy — it makes sense to go much lighter beforehand.

You might even consider potentially fasting on liquids or shakes only before that big meal — saving up digestive fire for the intense meal.

Secret #2: Use certain foods/herbs to fuel the fire. Another powerful tip from ancient traditions–which modern science is now proving–is that certain foods like ginger and cayenne can help speed up digestion.

Ginger is especially valuable for building digestive fire, and I recommend you consume strong ginger tea (fresh or powder is fine) — leading up to your big/heavy meal so that you have that digestive furnace ready to go when you eat.

You can also use ginger tea during or after to help with digestion, it’s one of the most powerful natural digestive aids in existence.

Secret #3: Use enzymes as the ultimate digestive power-up. You’ve been learning about this, and by now hopefully understand that nothing — and I mean NOTHING — gets digested or done in the body without the help of enzymes.

In the case of heavier meals that might include rich foods such a cheese, meat, and combinations of lots of fat or carbs — you REALLY need enzymes to help break down these complex food combinations.

It contains so much protease (as well as lipase for fat, and amylase for carbs) — that it can really digest anything.

The first two secrets I gave you will take you far in terms of helping reduce any indigestion — no matter what you eat.

But when you add Masszymes to the mix… it’s like you’re a teenager again.

The food just gets burned up and disappears from your stomach – no indigestion, no gas, no bloating.

And because the food is digested so well, it also helps avoid the weight gain.

So, there you have it.

Follow those three steps and you can pretty much eat anything you want — at least once in a while or on a weekly basis — without consequence.

That’s more than most people can say.

Wade T. Lightheart
Director of Education, BiOptimizers
Advisor For The American Anti-Cancer Institute
3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion

P.S. — This 3-step formula really does work for ANY type
of meal. Could be pasta alfredo with chicken… pepperoni
pizza… double cheeseburger and fries… burritos… sandwiches
… cake and ice cream.

That’s because Masszymes is not only the highest protein-digesting (protease) formula on the market — it’s also arguably the most COMPLETE digestive formula available today.