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CBD Store : Martha Stewart


CBD Store : Martha Stewart (Shop Canopy)

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We’re all continually searching for new ways to improve our everyday living. And there’s never a shortage of alternatives. Where to look, and what to choose? It can be overwhelming.

Now, Martha Stewart invites you to welcome CBD wellness into your life with a range of products specially formulated with guidance from Martha herself.

Martha’s CBD journey involved a deep investigation of the research conducted into the science of CBD to this point and, eventually, to her partnership with Canopy Growth—the world leader in cannabinoid innovation and a pioneer in the medicinal use of CBD.

Canopy became the leader in CBD because consumers trust the quality and safety of its products. Among the companies marketing hemp-derived CBD products, Canopy was the first to be traded on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges, and the first to partner with a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods company: Constellation Brands.

Canopy is proudly dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners, conducting robust clinical research, and furthering the public’s understanding of cannabinoids.

It’s little wonder that, when Martha went looking for a partner that had the same standards and devotion to excellence, her journey led her to Canopy’s door.
Convinced of the quality of Canopy’s CBD, expertly extracted from hemp grown in the United States, Martha began collaboration on a line of products that combine the purest, safest CBD isolate with flavors she loves.
From her Meyer lemon-flavored CBD oil drops to her berry medley CBD wellness gummies, Martha is confident you’ll find a combination of formats and flavors that fit your lifestyle. You can select from CBD softgels that deliver precise dosages, oil drops you can use directly or as a food supplement, or wellness gummies that offer both convenience and great taste.

So, invite CBD wellness into your life, with Martha’s assurance of quality and purity.

Whichever format and flavor is right for you, CBD wellness has never been an easier choice.