Why are so many people fat?

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Why are so many people fat?

Fastest in history.

The population of the civilised world is the fastest in history and getting fatter each year. Today on the Megan retailer Amazon website alone you will find more than 50,000 books available on diet and exercise, the greatest volume ever published on the subjects but yet the world continues to get fatter each year.

Why is this happening?

For the most part the public has been misled. So much of this information has been placed to create tremendous profits for the food manufacturers. Today it is so easy to find information but so difficult to find the truth. The public’s health has been sacrificed in pursuit of monetary gains.

Most people are not starving for food but rather starving for truthful information that will lead to healthy body transformation. The takeaway message is the food companies have lied to the public for decades.

Check out this statistic.

7 out of 10 people in the USA are obese or overweight.

(Your ratio of muscle and fat is your body mass index. Greater than 25% is defined as overweight and  greater than 30% is defined as obese.

When you are obese you are at risk.

Your risk of stroke increases by 64%, your risk of heart disease increases by 50%, your risk of type II diabetes by 20%, and your risk of hypertension by 28%.


In the late 1990s, science started publishing articles of how bad Coca-Cola was for our health. So, Coke pushed back and paid for its own research. They founded 389 studies that ignored the relationship between diet and obesity.

Coke spent hundreds of millions of dollars to spread the message that you can only lose weight through exercise. Coke got caught spreading misinformation in the United States so they aggressively went to other countries with the message only exercise, not diet can result in weight loss. Focus now in 193 countries promoting this information.

Procter & Gamble.

In 1948 Procter & Gamble donated $1.7 million to the American Heart Association. Procter & Gamble’s objective was achieved the American Heart Association was now indebted to the makers of Crisco and dozens of other man-made artificial fats.

The USDA pyramid.

Throughout the 60s and 70s, mainstream media began with paid editorials telling the public to stop eating saturated animal fats.

Animal fats had been eaten for centuries and now the public was told to replace natural fats with margarine, vegetable oil, bread and pasta.

These dietary practices were endorsed and bought and paid for by government agencies.

The USDA pyramid was born, the official government position advised the public to eat a diet high in grains, low in fat and replace animal fats with highly processed vegetable oils.

The war on facts began. Believe it or not there has never been any supporting scientific evidence for these recommendations.

In conclusion.

I can give you 15 good reasons why 7 out of 10 people have a body mass index greater than 25, remember 25 categorises as overweight.

In the next blog I shall give you 15 reasons but until then can you think of one reason why someone you know is overweight?

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This was an extract from nutrition expert, Mike McCaffrey’s book, How To Live a Long Healthy Life………available here soon.