Why Can’t We Stop?

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What Supplement Should I Take?

Why Can’t We Stop Eating Unhealthy Foods?

(Taken from Mike McCaffrey’s book, How To Live a Long Healthy Life)


TRIGGER FOODS are foods that INDUCE CRAVINGS and cause you to eat more, they “trigger” your appetite.

Products like potato chips, french fries, ice cream, salty snacks, artificial sweeteners and fast food, have combined cheaply man-made fats, salts and sugars that lead you into this trap. They all lead to over-ingesting EMPTY calories.

Bet you can ́t eat just one

The famous advertising slogan from a potato chip company “bet you can ́t eat just one” infers that you want to eat more because they taste so good. But no, there is MUCH more CHEMISTRY at work here by food chemists, YOU REALLY CAN’T “eat just one”.

The combination of processed sugar, man-made fats and various chemicals have been designed by the food manufacturers to STIMULATE the hunger and PLEASURE centers of the BRAIN.

The act of eating for pleasure without hunger and to excess, is called “hedonic hyperphagia,” SOUNDS KINKY.

Food chemists create an exact ratio of man-made fats and carbohydrates to TRIGGER THE REWARD center of the brain.

Here’s why.

Just like the bank ATM machine, that I mentioned before, reads your information when your card is inserted, your body also reads everything entering it, in search of nutrition.

But guess what? There is NO NUTRITION to be found in these “empty calorie” foods.

It is just a CHEMICAL COCKTAIL telling your brain to KEEP ON eating, resulting in massive ingestion of empty calories.

These are not foods at all.

They are “fake foods” also known as “FOOD PORN” see, it WAS kinky!

You will never see someone lose control over real food like chicken breast, broccoli, apples, asparagus…. real food. You get the idea?


Listen to this closely. The food companies have flipped the switch on us. Food and medical scientists are using brain imaging MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment designed to locate a brain neurological medical problem to create irresistible recipes.

What??? That sounds crazy. But it’s true.

Volunteer subjects are placed in MRI machines in order to monitor the pleasure center of the br

Most addictive substances are safe in their NATURAL unaltered form. Heroin comes from the poppy plant, cocaine comes from coca leaves, alcohol comes from fruits and grains.

These natural substances get dangerous when chemists industrialize the product, processing and refining these plants.

Up until the early 1900’s COCAINE was placed in Coca Cola, cough syrup and various health tonics because it made people feel good.

Coca Cola.

In 1903, the Coca Cola company was forced to remove the cocaine from the product. They replaced it however with two other very addictive products, CAFFEINE and SUGAR.

The point is that as long as the food companies are not brethey want to make their products more addictive!

Today the consumers are up against 2 huge opponents, the food chemists and manufacturers, and are completely unaware.

It is estimated that 74% of the foods at the grocery store have added additional sugar to make the products ADDICTIVE to increase sales.

Scientist have ENGINEERED the removal of the sweet taste so you don’t become suspicious about the sugar.

This practice seems CRIMINAL to me. Not only is it deceptive it also creates a huge domino effect of medical problems and costs.

Here is my point as to why all of this is a big deal. These food modifications are causing the rise and appearance of many ADULT diseases to occur in children.




This was an extract from nutrition expert, Mike McCaffrey’s book, How To Live a Long Healthy Life………available here soon.